Our trainings prepare you to prove your know-how and expertise with international certifications.

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We offer all our trainings as webinars (live online trainings). So you can learn whereever you are and benefit from other experts!

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With our video trainings, you determine the time, place and speed of your training yourself. And that in proven Spirit-quality!

Your success in IT: We’ll jumpstart your carrer!

The concept of training is deeply anchored in our company’s DNA: because in this day and age, visions can be turned into reality, added value generated and innovations actively shaped only if you have highly qualified personnel. Through our training program, we‘re enablers of this digital change — and we want to bring it to your company as well.

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Our training programs

We feel that innovation can be developed only from practical experience — as a result, our training program will provide you with proven knowledge and practical learning from a variety of sectors and projects. Over the past few years, we‘ve looked at our customers‘ needs and developed a comprehensive training program designed to realize your career goals by not just intensely developing your professional knowledge, but also imparting the practical experience of our instructors. The central goal of all of our courses is the optimal use of IT in all areas of a company.

Customized to your needs

We tailor our trainings to your own needs, in order to equip you and your employees with exactly the learning you need.

Our training packages

  • Generally our trainings are optimized for up to 12 participants in one course.
  • Combine your specially tailored course from available modules, based on your specific needs — at no additional cost to you.
  • Certification test dates immediately following your training to ensure your success.
  • Integrate our courses within your company‘s training & career development plans.
  • Include your company‘s specific terminology, processes and templates in our courses.

All courses 100% bilingual

  • All of our trainings are available in both English and German.
  • Our experienced instructors speak excellent English and German.
  • All training material is available in both English and German, down to the last level of detail.
  • Trainings can be held either at our training centers in Vienna and Frankfurt or on-site at your company.

100% digital

  • All of our trainings are available as webinars.
  • Profit from blended learning with our learning platform.
  • Full training and team experience – from a place you can freely choose.

Our training portfolio

We offer most of our training programs also in English – either as inhouse trainings or as open trainings.

Trainings in Business Analysis by Spirit in Projects

An efficient execution of business analyses results in the creation of business processes and detailed procedures which will receive ideal support from IT solutions. ROI calculations support the decision-making process and prevent costly flawed developments.

Training for Requirements Engineering by Spirit in Projects

High-quality requirements of IT solutions are an essential step in implementing projects efficiently and preventing high follow-up costs. This is because the IT solutions which are eventually implemented will properly fulfill their required tasks. Our methods make it possible to implement top quality requirements engineering in projects of all kinds.

Training Programs for Requirements Management

Requirements Engineering Fundamentals per IREB CPRE FL 3.0

3 days, IREB CPRE FL, € 1.190 net, webinar
NEW: also available in French!

Video Training – Requirements Engineering Fundamentals

over 7 hours of training videos, IREB CPRE FL, € 390 net

Requirements Elicitation and Consolidation per IREB CPRE AL

3 days, IREB CPRE AL, € 1.690 net, webinar

Requirements Modeling per IREB CPRE AL

3 days, IREB CPRE AL, € 1.690 net, webinar

Requirements Management per IREB CPRE AL

3 days, IREB CPRE AL, € 1.690 net, webinar

Applying Requirements Patterns

2 days, € 1.190 net, webinar

Coaching for IREB CPRE AL Specialist – Written Assignment

0.5 days incl. 1 unit individual coaching, € 490 net, webinar

Trainings für Usability und User Experience bei Spirit in Projects

With the advancing digitization, there are more and more applications in daily life that are mandatory for users. This puts the focus on the design of the user interface. Usability and user experience are thus becoming decisive success factors for digital solutions.

Digital Design Professional

3 days, € 1.190 net, webinar

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

1 day, € 890 net, webinar

Fundamentals of Deep Learning

2 days, € 1.390 net, webinar

AI and Data Ethics

1 day, € 890 net, webinar

AI Project Management

1 day, € 890 net, webinar

Trainings for Project Management by Spirit in Projects

Complex (IT) projects demand an in-depth understanding of both project management as well as the latest processes and methods of system and software engineering. Gather and manage project risks and carry out project controlling in a methodical manner, supported by our analytical know-how.

Training Programs for Project Management

Claim and Change Management

1 day, € 690 net, webinar

Estimating and Planning IT Projects

1 day, € 690 net, webinar

Risk Management in IT Projects

1 day, € 690 net, webinar

Systematic and efficient Project Controlling

1 day, € 690 net, webinar

Demand- and Portfolio­ Management

2 days, € 1.190 net, webinar

AI Project Management

1 day, € 890 net, webinar

Trainings for Agile Methods and Kanban by Spirit in Projects

Implementation of agile methods in projects with the help of Scrum, XP, Lean and Kanban. Analysis and specification of agile requirements while also focusing on conflict management with stakeholders. Training includes the use of methodological tools while reinforcing knowledge of agile approaches and skills.

Trainings für Qualitätsmanagement bei Spirit in Projects
For software projects, it is imperative that quality assurance take place at all levels: accurate, incorruptible and as early as possible. From the requirement to the acceptance, the software quality was to be safeguarded by foresighted and technically sound test management.
Trainings for Enterprise Architecture by Spirit in Projects

Enterprise architecture is an approach aimed at designing an organization’s structures and processes through IT methods. Business processes and services are determined on the basis of strategies and the environment, after which IT structures are derived and the actual implementation structured. This makes it possible for business requirements and IT solutions to be optimized.

Training Programs for Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

2 days, € 1.290 net, webinar

Enterprise Modeling with ArchiMate

2 days, The Open Group, € 1.290 net, webinar

Trainings for Software and System Architecture

Even a pretty software face often hides deep-seated problems. When system maintenance becomes a challenge, the problem often lies in an inadequate architecture. As a result, making the right decisions well in time can save enormous costs. An architecture doesn’t stand on its own, but reflects requirements arising from business strategy as well as overall technical conditions.

Training Programs for System- and Software Architecture

Software Architecture Fundamentals

3 days, € 1.490 net, webinar

Embedded Systems

3 days, € 1.190 net, webinar

OMG UML-OCUP Fundamental

3 days, OMG® OCUP-2® FL, € 1.590 net, webinar

OMG UML-OCUP Intermediate

3 days, OMG® OCUP-2® IL, € 1.590 net, webinar

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