Spirit in Projects Webinars

Our webinars make it possible for us to offer you Spirit in Projects’ proven training course quality online as well. Up to 12 participants can take part in a webinar, regardless of where they’re located – all you need are Internet access and a device. We’ve reworked our proven training courses specifically for this form of learning – in contrast to our classroom-based sessions scheduled in blocks, our webinars are broken up into a large number of shorter sessions. As a result, you have plenty of time between sessions to try out and reinforce what you’ve learned.


    Our webinars make it possible for you to design your advanced training program in a flexible, innovative manner. You’re not tied down to any one location and can take advantage of our innovative options for exchanging thoughts with our experts and other course participants.


    Our digital classrooms are based on proven Microsoft Teams software, and you won’t need a special license – your trainer just sends you your access data for the platform-independent classroom well before your webinar starts.


    Learning by doing is the order of the day in our webinars – meaning our courses already use tools like Confluence and Jira, the same tools you use or will be using in your day-to-day work.


    As a Spirit in Projects course participant, you receive exclusive access to our learning platform. You’ll find on it not only your course materials, but also extras like exam simulations, learning applications and videos.


    You have the option, with any of our on-site training courses, to have your entire course recorded (this requires the consent of all course participants).

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    You’ll receive a printed certificate of participation by mail as proof of your learning success, and we’ll also be happy to send you printouts of lecture notes should you need them.

All of the courses we offer on site are also available as webinars. The shorter training phases make it especially easy for you to develop a combination of modules that’s especially tailored to your needs, so you can create a qualification program geared specifically to the needs of your company. And because of their flexibility in terms of time and scheduling, our webinars are also a great way for you to develop an advanced training program.

Our upcoming public webinars: