Group rates for public course dates

We offer attractive price scaling for groups (e.g. companies) who register for our courses:

  • When 3 participants register for a course at the same time you get + 1 additional space for free.
  • When 4 participants register for a course at the same time you get + 2 additional spaces for free.

If you’d like to register a group for a course, please call us at +43 1 714 00 20 or contact us by email at

The following conditions apply for group registrations:

  • All participants (in the group) must be registered for the same course date.
  • Additional free spaces may then be claimed only for that course date.
  • We can only make group registrations available for course dates with sufficient space.
  • Any additional free spaces which are not claimed shall be forfeited.
  • Should individual participants cancel and the total number of participants falls below the limit for a group registration, the group registration shall be automatically changed to individual registration for each participant, and any free spaces will be forfeited.
  • Should a participant cancel but another participant be named immediately to take his/her place, the group registration shall remain valid.
  • The group offer may not be combined with other offers or promotions.

Apart from the above, the same conditions for cancellation apply as those for individual registrations:

  • Registrations may be cancelled for free up to 4 weeks before a course begins.
  • Cancellations received up to 2 weeks before a course begins shall be billed at 50% of the cost of the course.
  • In cases where a cancellation is received within the last 2 weeks before a course is to begin or a participant does not appear for the course, we will be forced to bill the entire cost of the training course.
  • In cases where replacement participants are named, no additional charges shall be billed.
  • We reserve the right to cancel courses for important organizational reasons (e.g. an instructor cancels on short notice due to illness, etc.)
  • Should a course be cancelled we will, with the consent of all group participants, re-register the group for a different date or a different course. Otherwise any fees you have already paid for the course will be refunded to you. No further claims shall apply.