Our services for inhouse trainings

For inhouse trainings we offer a special service package:

  • Starting with 4 participants an inhouse training may be the more economic option for you.
  • Generally our trainings are optimized for up to 12 participants in one course.
  • Combine your specially tailored course from available modules, based on your specific needs — at no additional cost to you.
  • Certification test dates immediately following your training to ensure your success.
  • Integrate our courses within your company‘s training & career development plans.
  • Include your company‘s specific terminology, processes and templates in our courses.

For our international customers we offer all our training programs 100% bilingual:

  • All of our trainings are available in both English and German – without any extra charges.
  • Our experienced instructors speak excellent English and German.
  • All training material is available in both English and German, down to the last level of detail.
  • Trainings can be held either at our training centers in Vienna and Frankfurt or on-site at your company.
  • All english modules can be combined individually according to your specific needs without any extra cost.