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    We’ll put our spirit of discovery and passion for IT to work for you and make it possible for your organization to profit from digital innovation and for you and your employees to combine business and IT into one.

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Enabling digital innovation

For over 10 years, Spirit in Projects has combined an uncompromising passion for IT with a unique approach to consulting and training. Our belief: Projects of all kinds, no matter how complex, can be brought down to earth with careful planning and the right know-how. We live and breathe this credo every day – whether as consultants, trainers or strategic coaches.

We enable digital innovation!

These themes drive the world of IT.

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We believe that projects are for people. That’s why our focus in IT projects is on what benefits they’ll actually bring. That takes away the fear of technology and change. Then as trained engineers, we track those benefits using planning and foresight.

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Our consultations consist of independent, method-based analyses, coaching and mentoring. We bring in IT specialists and other experts to help us work out strategies and design implementation plans. The results we provide are always completely transparent and verifiable. We then continue to provide consultation as a project moves to its implementation phase, and through this seamless process can take responsibility for the results of the concepts we develop.

The training we provide our clients is based on our practical experience and increases their self-reliance and independence. All of our instructors work as consultants as well, and live out this uniting of theory and practice on a daily basis.

We see IT as a realm for opportunity, but one which can also bring uncertainty. As engineers, our goal isn’t just to provide rapid, state-of-the-art developments but also to generate long-term value for our customers through quality planning and foresight.

Spirit in Projects bridges the gap between business and IT in order to turn our customers’ visions and ideas into reality. We achieve this together with our customers by using the best available methods for the analysis, architecture, planning and quality management of IT projects.