Our projects and consulting services are based on an integrated approach which closely combines the organization and IT.


We prepare our consulting solutions in a completely transparent manner and share with our clients all know-how on which those solutions are based, any intermediate steps and the actual results.


We’re not tied to any third-party interests. Our only goal is to maximize your benefits and success.

Consulting through experience

Our consultations consist of independent, method-based analyses, coaching and mentoring. We bring in IT specialists and other experts to help us work out strategies and design implementation plans. The results we provide are always completely transparent and verifiable. We then continue to provide consultation as a project moves to its implementation phase, and through this seamless process can take responsibility for the results of the concepts we develop.

Our expertise is always at the center of our consulting – we analyze processes and documents, manage projects and programs, and not only work out well-developed concepts but also actively support you during implementation and take full responsibility for results.

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Consulting for System architecture and Software architecture by Spirit in Projects
Consulting for Organizational Strategy and Development by Spirit in Projects
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Spirit in Projects technological expertise

We work independently, are unique, and bear sole and exclusive responsibility for your project requirements. Our repertory includes all key technologies.

Spirit in Projects is expert for information processing systems

Information processing systems are either purchased as standard applications then enhanced for special requirements or are developed completely from scratch. These systems are usually business-critical. Long downtimes or malfunctions endanger a business or at the very least lead to significant financial loss.

The essential challenge both of standard applications as well as in-house developments is to tie together and integrate application needs, business processes and business strategies with the technical implementation.

As a result, our consulting services and projects focus especially on bridging this gap between business and IT. In this day and age, IT and organizational requirements must not be separated.


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Spirit in Projects is expert for web technologies

By now, web technologies have become an essential basis for applications in all sectors of business. Many of these applications are very important, even business-critical, for businesses.

Building on technologies which are by now established, we’ve experienced in the web area constant, rapid change in themes, trends and new and complementary technologies.

As a result, our consulting services and projects focus on merging innovations with proven technologies to ensure that project success is not sacrificed to some passing trend. Especially in the web area, consistent technology stacks are a key success factor for any business which wants to develop and run applications efficiently.


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Spirit in Projects is expert for mobile technologies

Our consulting services, projects and training programs all focus on applying mobile technologies to company business processes. This concerns not just customer applications, but more and more also those applications (apps) which are used in a company itself.

The essential challenge in this area is to support business processes at the right points and with the right technologies. This means much more than just making an existing application mobile – processes and procedures often need to be adapted as well.

The basis for this is a sound understanding of the possibilities offered by mobile technologies, including their advantages, disadvantages and appropriate use cases.


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Spirit in Projects is expert for industry 4.0 and embedded systems

Specialized technologies, all the way up to proprietary technologies, are being used more and more in industry, especially in the field of embedded systems. Companies in this field specialize and are experts in these technologies.

However, such a focus on technological details makes it tough to keep an eye on the whole picture. As a result, our consulting services and projects especially focus on supporting, based on our in-depth methodological and technological insight, the overarching processes and methods of system and software development.

A key guideline for us is that application, requirements, design, implementation, quality and delivery are all part of a single entity and therefore need to be considered as a whole.


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Cross-sector expertise

The Spirit in Projects team of consultants is characterized by the experience it brings from a wide variety of specialist fields and business sectors. This broad perspective makes it possible for us to develop exactly the approaches you need for your success.


  • Car/vehicle manufacturers
  • Machine builders
  • Plant constructors
  • Automation
  • Packaging producers
  • Food production


  • Banks
  • Insurance providers
  • Sales companies
  • Securities trading
  • Investment advisors
  • System and software development

Telecommunications infrastructure & services

  • Telecommunications
  • Service companies
  • Sales companies
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Data centers / cloud providers

Supply/disposal companies

  • Suppliers (power, gas, heat)
  • Waste disposal providers
  • Distribution companies
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Software providers
  • System providers


  • Ministries, federal administration
  • Divested companies
  • City, state administrations
  • Public data centers
  • Public IT service providers
  • Software provider administration


  • Hospitals and hospital operating companies
  • Social security institutions
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Health management
  • Medical universities
  • Special interest groups

Trade and transport

  • Retail trade
  • Wholesale trade
  • Online trade
  • Shipping companies
  • Logistics service providers
  • Logistics and material management software providers


  • Railway companies
  • Shipping companies
  • Traffic telematics
  • Toll systems
  • Airlines
  • Travel industry
  • Airports