Quality Management & Test Management

If you’re testing your software just before it’s to be accepted or even when it’s about to be delivered, you may already be much too late. Because quality isn’t something you can just throw into the system if it’s not up to scratch. As a result, this is our approach to quality assurance: early integration of all measures relevant to the development process. This means that test planning and preliminary work already start at the same time as project preparations. With our approach, by the time you have your initial development results you’ll already have the right test systems, test data and test cases, which even makes it possible to verify the quality of partial results and to take countermeasures in good time in case of problems.

Our approach

  • We set up the initial measures for quality management even before the implementation project in order to facilitate goals and planning.
  • We include all implementation tasks in quality management. These include requirements engineering, architecture and design, development, software tests, release management, configuration and change management.
  • We make pragmatic use of those test methods which are ideally suited for the development approach selected (e.g. conventional, iterative, agile, etc.).

Our services

  • Quality-related requirements analysis
  • Quality concepts for system analysis, design, development, test, rollout and operation
  • Preparation, management and control of test outsourcing
  • Methodological, efficient development testing
  • Methodological system testing and system integration testing
  • Methodological acceptance testing
  • Setup of suitable test infrastructures
  • Test data preparation and management
  • Test automation
  • Quality-driven risk management
  • Quality management in user and IT operations

Our trainings for quality management and test management:

Trainings für Qualitätsmanagement bei Spirit in Projects