Requirements Engineering

High-quality requirements for IT solutions are an essential step to implementing projects efficiently and saving our customers high follow-up costs. This is because the IT solutions which are eventually implemented will properly fulfill their required tasks. We’ve developed methods which allow us to carry out requirements engineering of an especially high quality and with an especially high degree of efficiency — all the way from agile projects up to extremely complex projects. We’ve taken numerous customer projects which became stalled and got them up and running again, a big reason for this turnaround was because we made possible for the necessary IT solutions to be implemented.

Our approach

  • We use clear, professional requirements engineering methods and are able to apply them especially efficiently because of our many years of experience.
  • These methods allow us to identify gaps in requirements very early on so we can focus on and bridge them during the requirements gathering stage.
  • We adapt the requirements engineering approach pragmatically and specifically to the given product, environment, and development approach.
  • We set requirements for IT solutions within the context of business needs and available technical options and thus avoid costly mistakes in planning.

Our services

  • Gathering, specifying and optimizing IT requirements
  • Reviewing requirements and formulating them clearly and unambiguously
  • Identifying and clarifying requirement gaps
  • Stakeholder management
  • Cost/time estimates and prioritization of requirements
  • Developing functional specifications
  • Tying requirements together with test plans and test designs
  • Coordinating requirements with the solution design

Our training programs for requirements engineers:

Videotraining für Requirements Engineering von Spirit in Projects
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Training for Requirements Engineering by Spirit in Projects
Training for Requirements Engineering by Spirit in Projects