Organizational Strategy and Development

IT organizations are in a process of continuous improvement. Long-term strategies, future requirements and the technologies currently in use must all be brought into line with one another. Spirit in Projects is your partner who’ll help you develop viable strategies for software and system development which will be workable and effective in practice as well, down to the last detail. We prepare actual baseline analyses then work with our clients to derive the desired target scenarios. In the process we also intensively involve the stakeholders concerned, which is an essential step for success of the eventual implementation.

Our approach

  • Our consulting approach doesn’t distinguish between organization and IT, but instead combines both into a single integrated approach.
  • We don’t only work out well-developed concepts, but also actively support our clients in implementation and take full responsibility for results.
  • We’re not tied to any third-party interests. Our only goal is to maximum our client’s benefits and success.
  • We prepare our consulting solutions in a completely transparent manner and share with our clients all know-how on which those solutions are based, any intermediate steps and the actual results.

Our services

  • Organizational analysis (SWOT, capacities, risks)
  • Technical due diligence
  • Development and monitoring of strategies and goals
  • Development of organizational structures and processes
  • Support in organizational development
  • Change management with clients, management and employees
  • Rollout planning and support
  • Optimization of management processes
  • Relevant organizational metrics, parameters and KPIs
  • Controlling methods and processes
  • Know-how management and sourcing
  • Innovation processes and management