Agile Methoden - profitieren Sie von einem Einsatz mit Maß und Ziel

Agile Methods With Purpose

The agile approach in all of its manifestations has become the most-used development method in the world. There is rarely a new development project that isn’t implemented without the use […]

Webinare in professioneller Qualität - bei Spirit in Projects

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Webinars

Spirit in Projects’ modern studio infrastructure and in-house training mean the webinars and video courses we provide you are always of the best quality. The following behind-the-scenes look will give […]

User Experience and User Interface - Know How by Spirit in Projects

User Experience: More than Just a Pretty Interface

The rise in digitization is resulting in an increasing number of applications which aren’t just optional for users, they’re mandatory, which means that user interface design, and in turn issues […]