Because of its speed, innovation brings a lot of uncertainty. We provide guidance based on our experience and specialized knowledge.


These days, buzzwords have become the currency of innovation. We’ll help you identify which trends are actually important for your business – and which aren’t.


We’ll help you build up the know-how you’ll need to manage innovation in your company, and together with you, we’ll enable digital innovation.

Innovation with passion and vision

Innovation is a colloquial term which refers to the creation of new ideas and inventions and their application. Innovation has therefore accompanied humanity since its earliest days. Innovation at first moved very slowly – hundreds of years passed between major innovations. Nevertheless, innovations have always led to changes and adjustments in society, the economy and everyday life. 

The rate of innovation has continuously accelerated over the centuries so that by now almost every person has been affected by at least one relevant innovation over the course of his or her lifetime.

The new challenge

The rate of technical innovation as well as its effects have experienced especially rapid acceleration over the past 50 years. The “Cambrian Explosion of Data” graphic to the right provides one example of this – the mass of data has increased exponentially over the last decade, and with structured data the next paradigm shift has already been heralded.

Because of such acceleration, changes due to technical innovation are impacting our daily lives like no previous generation. Certainties will be overturned and new playing rules will be created within just a few years. These days, it’s nearly impossible to predict the future. As a result, many people feel like they’re racing up an unknown mountain road in a sports car and the accelerator’s stuck.

Example data: Innovation has experienced dramatic acceleration in recent years

In such a situation it’s important, especially for companies and organizations, to keep a cool head. Both hands on the steering wheel, and react quickly and flexibly so you’re sure not to fall asleep and miss the next curve.

Innovations come into being constantly, with or without our help and outside of our personal sphere of influence. Anyone who wants to use innovations to benefit society, the economy and our personal lives requires joy in shaping the future, a high level of attention and active participation.

Spirit in Projects has made it our goal to support you to the full extent of our abilities. We see technology and IT as a realm for opportunity, but one which can also bring uncertainty. As engineers, our goal isn’t just to provide rapid, state-of-the-art developments but also to generate long-term value for our customers through quality planning and foresight.

At Spirit in Projects, we see IT as a realm where ideas can be transformed into reality. We truly enjoy IT and the rapid changes it brings. And we’re convinced that it’ll improve all our lives for the better.

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Properly categorizing innovation

Innovation isn’t just cut and dried. As part of our approach to innovation management, we at Spirit in Projects categorize current developments and buzzwords within an overall context. We think outside just the IT box and see connections to other disciplines – this allows us to better assess the potential and significance of innovations for our clients.

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