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Requirements specification and service catalog – Vienna International Airport construction cost tracking

Top-notch job!

Andras Eder, Central Purchasing Director at Vienna International Airport

In 2017, the Vienna International Airport replaced its system for tracking construction costs. The experts at Spirit in Projects supported the project by preparing a requirements specification which was subsequently used, in the form of a service catalog, as the basis for an invitation to tender.

The challenge

The special challenge of the project was the inclusion of all interfaces required to execute the Vienna International Airport’s construction projects. The system also needed to model the processes in the construction manual.

Our approach

Spirit in Projects devoted special attention to a detailed analysis and classification of the relevant stakeholders. Requirements were gathered over the course of workshops and also enriched with information from other sources (documents, standards, systems). Interviews were held with especially relevant stakeholders to refine requirements even further. A participative approach coordinating feedback from a number of levels was used to draft the requirements specification from its rough structure up to the final document.

The benefits

In this way we were able to develop a sound basis for inviting tenders for the Vienna International Airport’s system to track construction costs. We’re especially pleased at the feedback we received from Andras Eder, Central Purchasing Director at Vienna International Airport: “Top-notch job!”

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