System and Software Architecture

Even a pretty software face often hides deep-seated problems. When system maintenance becomes a challenge, the problem often lies in an inadequate architecture. As a result, making the right decisions well in time can save enormous costs. Spirit in Projects works together with its clients to develop IT architectures, helping to analyze existing systems and converting them as needed. An architecture doesn’t stand on its own, but reflects requirements arising from business strategy as well as overall technical conditions.

Our approach

  • We combine methodological know-how with technical expertise and years of experience in what approaches will actually lead to the goal of solving the problems of our clients. To do this, we’ve grappled with many different approaches to architecture design.
  • We work out architecture documentation that’s clear and precise, by observing standards such as UML and SysML and implementing these effectively.
  • We develop high-quality architecture documentation by ensuring that documentation corresponds to the actual implementation and can be easily read and understood by developers and other technical roles.

Our services

  • Review and evaluation of existing architectures
  • Review and evaluation of planned architecture solutions
  • Support of architecture design projects
  • Technological consulting
  • Modeling of architecture and design decisions using UML
  • Consolidation of existing IT architectures
  • Development of new IT architecture solutions
  • Definition and rollout of architecture management processes
  • Ensuring correspondence between requirements and IT architecture
  • Tying together architecture and quality management
  • Selection and implementation of tools

Our training programs for system architects, software architects and UML-pros:

Training for UML Modelling by Spirit in Projects
Training for UML Modelling by Spirit in Projects