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OMG Certified UML Professional 2™ (OCUP 2™)

This course is intended for UML users who are seeking more than just a superficial understanding of the modeling language and want to apply it effectively. The course opens the door for its participants to professional use of UML and prepares them for OMG OCUP Fundamental certification. The course at the Fundamental level covers the basic principles of UML and the most important diagram types, through a detailed consideration of the UML specification. You won’t just learn how to model specific concepts, but also how the UML elements you use actually work.


To be able to apply the most important UML methods in practice and in a team environment. To be able to make clear decisions on whether a UML diagram satisfies requirements. To understand modeling elements in detail. To prepare diagrams for stakeholders and development teams.


This course approaches UML in an especially professional manner, meaning you’ll be able to pass the OCUP 2 – Fundamental examination given by the Object Management Group (OMG).

Target Group

IT architects, SW architects, system architects, SW designers, UML users, requirements engineers


Basic UML knowledge recommended.


  • Primitive types
  • Data type
  • Enumeration
  • Enumeration literal
  • Interface
  • Interface realization
  • Signal
  • Reception
  • Package
  • Type
  • Dependency
  • Namespace
  • VisiblityKind (public, private, protected)
  • MultiplicityElement
  • Constraint
  • Comment
  • PackageImport
  • Association
  • Class
  • Generalization
  • Feature
  • Structured feature
  • Behavioral feature
  • Property
  • Operation
  • Parameter
  • AggregationKind (composition, aggregation)
  • InstanceSpecification
  • Slot
  • Fundamental principles of behavioral modeling
  • Use case
  • Actor
  • Include
  • Behavior parameter
  • Action,
  • CallBehaviorAction,
  • CallOperationAction,
  • SendSignalAction,
  • AcceptEventAction,
  • Pin,
  • InputPin, OutputPin,
  • OpaqueAction,
  • Activity
  • ActivityFinaleNode
  • ActivityParameterNode
  • ControlFlow
  • InitialNode
  • DecisionNode
  • FlowFinalNode
  • ForkNode
  • JoinNode
  • MergeNode
  • ObjectFlow
  • ObjectNode
  • Interaction
  • OccurrenceSpecification
  • ExecutionSpecification
  • ExecutionOccurrenceSpecification
  • DestructionOccurrenceSpecification
  • Lifeline
  • Message
  • MessageOccurrenceSpecification
  • MessageSort
  • MessageEnd
  • StateMachine
  • State
  • Transition
  • Pseudostate: choice, junction, initial
  • FinalState


Taking the certification exam requires a fee of 155.00 euros not including VAT.

The certification exam is given online in a test center. You yourself choose the specific date on which you take the exam.

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