Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture is an approach aimed at designing an organization‘s structures and processes through IT methods. Business processes and services are determined on the basis of strategies and the environment, after which IT structures are derived and the actual implementation structured. This makes it possible for business requirements and IT solutions to be optimized and closely
integrated. The enterprise architecture approach is especially suitable for companies which see business processes and technologies as a single entity and want to design these in an integrated manner. In this approach, it is essential that enterprise architecture methods and processes be applied pragmatically and selectively in order to generate a holistic perspective.

Our approach

  • We see enterprise architecture as an IT-based method for designing companies, starting with strategy then moving to business processes and services, products, organizational structures, IT structures and technologies in use.
  • We feel that a crucial task in this approach is to design and model enterprise architectures at different layers (business, IT, technology) and to coordinate them consistently.
  • We use international standards and proven methods such as TOGAF®,
    Zachman® and ArchiMate® in order to provide our customers with an open, sustainable enterprise platform.

Our services

  • Developing strategies for enterprise architectures
  • Creating, specifying and using enterprise architectures
  • Developing enterprise relation models
  • Developing and optimizing business layers
  • Developing and optimizing application layers
  • Deriving and/or integrating technology layers
  • Defining viewpoints on the use of enterprise architectures
  • Modeling with ArchiMate® and UML®
  • Enterprise architecture for quality management
  • Enterprise architecture for project portfolio management
  • Selecting and implementing tools

Our training programs for enterprise architects:

Trainings for Enterprise Architecture by Spirit in Projects
Trainings for Enterprise Architecture by Spirit in Projects