Requirements Engineering @Agile Advanced Level

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This course demonstrates fundamental agile principles, especially those of scrum, as well as the use of requirements engineering in an agile environment. The goal of this approach is customer value as well as high-quality products which can be delivered quickly and which meet customer requirements. You‘ll learn how and from where requirements come into being and how to classify and gather them. We‘ll teach you how to properly gather and document requirements in the form of epics, features and user stories, and also how to efficiently work with backlogs and quality gates. Proper prioritization and accurate estimation are also a necessary part of this approach. The seminar concludes with scrum scaling for the purpose of carrying out large projects.


Participants will be able to apply the methods and techniques of the agile approach to their own projects.


IREB® CPRE Foundation Level (required) and RE@Agile Primer (recommended)

Level and Certification

Advanced; preparation for CPRE Advanced Level certification RE@AGILE


  • Vision and Goal Specification
  • Specifying the System Boundary
  • Stakeholder Identification and Management
  • Balancing Vision and Goals, Stakeholders, and Scope
  • Different levels of requirements granularity
  • Identifying, documenting, and communicating of functional requirements
  • Working with user stories
  • Splitting and grouping techniques
  • Knowing when to stop decomposing
  • Project and Product Documentation of Requirements
  • Understanding the importance of quality requirements and constraints
  • Adding Precision to Quality of Requirements
  • Quality Requirements and Backlog
  • Making Constraints Explicit
  • Determining of business value
  • Business Value, Risks and Dependencies
  • Estimating User Stories and other Backlog Items
  • Roadmaps and Large-Scale Planning
  • Organizing teams to handle larger and more complex problems
  • Examples of scaling frameworks

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