Understanding and Optimizing Business Processes

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It’s crucial for any business to understand its underlying structures and processes. Organizations must be constantly adapted to changing conditions on the market. BPO (Business Process Optimization) is an essential method for ensuring this adaptation is carried out efficiently and effectively. This approach requires that business processes are recorded correctly and comprehensively. Key data are obtained for the BPO by considering things from the standpoint of areas such as process costs, lead times, know-how and IT support. This process then results in an essential foundation for measures of business intelligence and business performance management.


This course will teach you how to strategically analyze the business processes of an organization. A comprehensive understanding of an organization’s procedures, attained through process maps, will then help you optimize processes in a targeted manner.

Target Group

Business process analysts, business process designers, process owners, business consultants, IT analysts, project managers


Fundamental principles of business analysis


  • Differences between processes and business processes
  • Functional organization vs. process organization
  • Primary and secondary business processes
  • Business process management and quality management
  • Compliance management and business process management
  • Methods for describing business strategies
  • Strategic and operative business process management
  • Dependencies between business strategy and business process management
  • Core competencies and core processes
  • Critical success factors
  • Weighting of business processes
  • Shared services
  • Process integration in networks
  • Standardization of business processes
  • Examples of business process models
    • COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology)
    • ITIL
    • SCOR (Supply Chain Operations Reference)
    • VRM (Value Reference Model)
    • Process Classification Framework (PCF)
  • Strategic process planning, management and control
  • Operative process planning
  • Operative process management
  • Operative information provision and distribution
  • Operative process control
  • Process controlling
  • Timing
  • Costs
  • Necessary skills
  • Actively and methodologically identifying risks in business processes
  • Risk management in business processes
  • Methods for risk analysis and monitoring
  • Integrated risk control in business processes
  • Business intelligence methods
  • Methods for process improvement
  • Assigning attributes to business processes on the basis of time, quantity, necessary skills and other factors
  • IT applications and application groups in the business process
  • IT business architecture and business process management
  • Big data analyses in business process management

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