Efficient Software Development

Unfortunately, poor quality and prolonged development processes are all too often accepted as “normal” and “unavoidable” in system and software development. However, development processes and methods which are aligned with corporate strategy, the environment and technical and organizational capabilities will very often bring an increase in efficiency potential. In the process, it must be ensured that common tasks are executed quickly and in an uncomplicated manner, but that complex and risky projects can be managed using appropriate methods.

Our approach

  • We select and adapt state-of-the-art methods for system and software development based on our clients’ missions and tasks.
  • We’re pragmatic and geared toward actual customer success and not toward just a blind implementation of whatever trends are currently fashionable in software engineering.
  • We don’t only provide tailored concepts but also detailed plans for rollout, support and training which will ideally support the implementation of those concepts.
  • We come up with process performance indicators which reflect actual processes so that the results provided by methods and procedures in use are easily verifiable.

Our services

  • Application lifecycle management
  • Evaluation of process maturity according to international standards and advanced methods
  • Process analyses (SWOT analysis, flow analysis)
  • Design of development concepts and processes
  • Rollout planning and concepts
  • Team management and workflow control
  • Development metrics, parameters and KPIs
  • Efficient and secure controlling of development services
  • Consolidation of process tools and development tools
  • Selection and implementation of process tools and development tools

Our training programs for software developers:

Trainings for Software and System Architecture