Your Training on the Channel of Your Choice

Your Training on the Channel of Your Choice

These days, it can be a challenge to take advantage of flexibility in training and development to actively shape your education, but our new multi-channel approach makes it possible for you to do exactly that.

We feel that it’s possible to create innovation only through practical experience, so our courses provide you with tried and tested know-how and experience from a wide variety of business sectors and projects. Our hands-on work in projects and management consulting has shown us that these past two years have seen a sharp rise in new ways of learning and working.

Our training programs have been specifically designed for a wide variety of channels and have been tested out thoroughly on each.

Wolfgang Rauscher, Consultant & Senior Trainer

By now, even companies based on traditional organizations and industries which are rather conservative are falling back on flexible models for work and further training. Keywords like online course, e-learning and webinar have become reality and are here to stay. They’ve become building blocks in the career of any individual working in IT and bring numerous benefits.

Nevertheless, many workers are also skeptical: A webinar after we’ve already sat through hours of meetings? So a video, not a social learning experience, is supposed to be the answer? Questions like that are certainly justified and need to be addressed.

Choosing the Right Channel

Choosing the right training channel depends on a number of factors, such as:

  • The length and complexity of the topic
  • Participant learning style
  • How participants are distributed in terms of location
  • Current situation in terms of security
  • Desired reproducibility of learning content

In addition, the decision for a training channel may also be made differently depending on which factor is given greater emphasis in a specific situation.

Every training method has its own advantages
Every training method has its own advantages

Designing a Targeted Learning Program

In order to achieve optimal learning results, you need to determine your own learning goals for a course:

  • Do I want to be introduced to learning content which is clearly defined and well-structured? – In that case, video training is your best option.
  • Is social exchange with others very important to me? – In that case, classroom-based training or a webinar is your best option.
  • Is flexibility in terms of location and/or time very important to me? – In that case, a webinar or video training is your best option.

Channel-Specific Teaching

Our experience shows it’s especially important that learning content not just be “re-formatted” from channel to channel – just recording a classroom course to video doesn’t result in quality video training, not by a long shot. The entire didactic concept, not just content, needs to be adapted to each learning channel. With over 10 years of experience in training, we recognize that need and put it into practice, so you can be sure that regardless of the channel through which you take a Spirit in Projects course, you’ll always get practical content of the highest standard.