Webinare in professioneller Qualität - bei Spirit in Projects

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Webinars

Spirit in Projects’ modern studio infrastructure and in-house training mean the webinars and video courses we provide you are always of the best quality. The following behind-the-scenes look will give you an idea of the effort we put into our online training formats and the quality we expect of them.

A successful webinar means a lot more than just making an in-person class available over the web. That’s because the interaction and exchange of ideas which results almost automatically when all class participants are physically present is hard work when it comes to webinars. As a result, we’ve invested a good deal of time and effort in designing and implementing our webinars so they provide our students with just as optimal a learning experience as our classroom training.

Didactic Fine Tuning

Our first step was to completely rework our courses so as to divide webinar lesson units into smaller parts. Managing breaks is also an important factor in holding webinars, as trainers must ensure students don’t get tired too quickly. In addition, course content needs to be prepared for computer displays differently than for media used in classroom training, such as flip charts. Last but not least, all practical exercises must be designed so that they can be given online, which also means the proper tools for this must be selected and tested.

Webinars require a good deal of preparation – not just in terms of content, but also the wording used must be as clear and understandable as possible. Teaching is a completely different experience when you don’t have someone right in front of you. As a result, both participant interaction and exercises require careful planning in advance.

Markus Bimassl, Business Analyst & Trainer

The investment of such efforts was an essential first step in providing courses which are high-quality and productive. Following our initial work, we trained all of our course leaders on the new concepts and tested out our courses in small groups to get feedback for further improvements. In addition, we also developed a graphic concept for our webinars and video courses which ensures that the visual teaching materials we create are not only uniform but also attractive and catch the eye.

Production in studio quality

Professional Production

The importance of a high-quality studio infrastructure became clear to us early on. Both audio quality and video quality are important components in any training experience held online. As a result, we at Spirit in Projects switched over to a professional, fully-equipped studio infrastructure for producing our webinars and video courses, by adapting facilities at our Vienna office for use as a studio and soundproofing it through special measures to minimize distracting noises and echoes. We use professional recording equipment, including studio mixers, to record audio and video. This now makes it possible for us to produce all our online classes, whether live or recorded, in studio quality, and you as a student benefit from outstanding image and sound quality. These upgrades have also made it possible for us to improve the quality of our course content, through enhancements like visually appealing inserts and informative, carefully designed graphics which supplement trainer explanations.

Webinars for Your Success

We wanted to give you this behind-the-scenes look at our webinars to show you that our commitment to quality is equally high no matter which of our training channels you use to take a course. Our objective is to impart to our clients valuable knowledge based on experience and to make them capable of putting it into practice.

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