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New Course in Our Portfolio: Digital Design Professional

The new Digital Design Professional certification program offered by the IREB® is geared to anyone who has an affinity for digitalization and has experience in fields like industrial design, BA, RE and UX. The concept is based on training modules which complement each other and help professionals acquire and reinforce knowledge in the field of digital design. Successful digital design requires specific perspectives and approaches which justify a separate occupational profile. A Digital Design Professional acts as an anchor for and proactively manages a company’s digitalization needs.

The “Digital Design Professional” training course and the content taught in it bridge the gap between the increasingly demanding design challenges which come up in digitalization and the technical know-how in design required. The content in the program follows a radical new approach for designing digital solutions, which sees “digital” as the material from which solutions are formed. Together with acquiring skills in design as well as cross-disciplinary skills, the approach provides a holistic view of digitalization so that innovative digital solutions are no longer left to chance.

Digital Design Professional – Qualification Profile

Because of the training he or she receives, a certified Digital Design Professional will be able to:

  • Take full advantage of the latest technological possibilities,
  • Take into consideration all aspects relevant to a successful digital solution,
  • Assess how these relevant aspects depend on and influence one another,
  • Develop digital solutions from a holistic standpoint.

The competencies taught are illustrated below:

Advantages for Companies

Companies that use Digital Design Professionals send a clear signal that they place a high value on digitalization. A solid basic education in the field of digitalization gives business departments the ability to collaborate at a higher level of quality and increases the chances they’ll actually develop innovative digital solutions. In addition, companies thereby underscore their competence for developing innovative digital solutions.

An internationally recognized certificate is granted to all students who successfully complete the training, making the course especially attractive through this proof of the knowledge gained in it.

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