Entdecken Sie individuelle Karrierepfade - passend zu Ihrer Rolle im Unternehmen!

Career Steps Targeted to Your Current Job Role

Your current role within your company is the best starting point for making your next career moves, and our training program will show you options you may not even realize you had.

Depending on where you are right now in your career, the professional baggage you carry is filled with different experience and know-how, and you add new skills and accomplishments to it with every new project, task and role you take on. That bundle of (often informal) qualifications is the perfect starting point for furthering your IT career, especially if you do so in a systematic manner.

Your own role in your company generally provides a great springboard for technical and personal growth, since after all your job has not only given you the opportunity to gain valuable experience, but also to see what’s out there. Taking stock of the experience you already carry in your professional suitcase can lead you to a variety of career paths – but you need to know how to bring along your previous experience and how use it productively for the future.

Our courses are based on practical experience, meaning you benefit in two ways – you gain specialized technical knowledge and can then, through our practical tips, integrate it into your current role.

Wolfgang Rauscher, Consultant & Senior Trainer

Specialization Paths

One possible path for developing your career is to broaden your skills, or in other words, to extend your technical knowledge and specialize. Such a path will allow you to grow further in your current role and to achieve the status of an expert. Certification systems often play a key role in career paths which focus on gaining further qualifications, as they establish internationally recognized, multi-level standards for demonstrating and proving knowledge. As a result, you’re well-advised to take a good look at those certification schemes which correspond to your current job role. A good place to start is our training program, which presents clear, carefully laid out descriptions of popular certification paths which will help you plan your journey to acquiring advanced qualifications.

Exploratory Paths

Just like in hiking, there are also career advancement paths which are more adventurous, where you go off the beaten trail and cross into neighboring disciplines which touch on your current role. Deliberately looking beyond the horizon can often be a very rewarding experience. Carefully building up qualifications in disciplines which neighbor yours will allow you to better understand your colleagues and their methods, more systematically manage and brief your contractors and contribute more extensively to shaping processes. Getting acquainted with the methods and ways of thinking of a variety of disciplines will help you to work better and more extensively in your own role. As a result, our training program offers, for all sorts of job roles, appropriate courses in neighboring disciplines which are a great way for you to add to the experience you carry with you.

Stepping Stones

Last but not least, advanced training targeted to your current job role also gives you the ability to change. When you not only are able to make good use of your current skill set but also systematically extend it, you become much more versatile and valuable to your company, and in turn can confidently take on new challenges. So make sure you also take a careful look to the left and right of the paths you’re already aware of – we invite you to browse through all the role profiles in our training folder to get some inspiration.

No matter what your own job role is, we guarantee you that Spirit in Projects courses are based on practical experience and will let you bring together our proven IT know-how and experience and use it to your best advantage.