Test Management for Eurotax Austria

In 2012/2013, EurotaxGlass’s Austria launched a major software project for the purpose of providing its customers with new services and solutions and services. Implementation was based on an agile development method, which brought challenges in testing the quality of the final software. The project period then switched over to a traditional model, though testing was still very demanding due to consolidation of the three countries participating in the project (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).


Spirit in Projects subjected the existing test procedure to a review and provided support in setting up system test processes and artifacts. Setting up a centralized, professional test management system made it possible to clearly identify the quality of the products delivered.

An iterative test procedure was implemented and thus provided meaningful information on functional and test coverage. This ensured quick feedback to both management and development teams.

Decision criteria for the client were prepared on the basis of this resilient system of quality assessment and contributed to shaping the project’s success, as confirmed by Andreas Pucher, product manager at Eurotax: “Through her commitment and in-depth technical knowledge, the consultant clearly made a positive impact on the final result of the product.”

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Further information: www.eurotax.at